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I know two songs; one is "Blue Hawai'i" and the other isn't

men of independence chorus (and quartets)
barbershop singer
  • Section leader, "human pitch pipe," and various offices in a Barbershop Harmony Society chapter in the Cleveland area. 
  • Occasionally sang in quartets (Tonic Boom, High Five, Achordance, Good 2 Go, Valentines, et al)

Musical Instruments

MBA, entrepreneurship
baldwin wallace UNIV. (2013)
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About Me

MUSICIAN FOR polynesian danceRS
musician (TAHITIAN LOG drum, ukulele)
  • Tahitian log drum (to'ere) accompanying dancers 
  • Ukulele, singing, and other percussion as appropriate
  • Previously with Polynesian dancers and troupes in northern Ohio and southeast Michigan
October 2002 - May 2016


Also vocals, otamatone, and random percussive noisemakers

With a focus on Tahitian and Arab instruments and techniques

Quick Facts



Performance Experience

Hi there! My name is

Steve Popernack

​​and I’m an eclectic musician based in Cleveland, Ohio.

I believe in the power of music. And squirrels. But mostly music.

It's long since time for me to develop this website into something functional. Most of this will focus on my outside musical exploits, but I like this template so here it is.

Soon this site will actually do things and stuff, but I want to make sure the page is up and mildly functional. This page is under development and elements will change.

February 1982 - present
Bs, computer science
UNIV. OF akron (1987)
Yep, in my first classes I used physical card readers to run my programs. I still write for mainframes but am learning new tricks.
May 2012 - present
percussionist, volunteer
  • Performed in front ensemble (mallet percussion) as performing member, and percussionist in alumni group (2014-2022.) Named "percussionist of the year" three times (1984, 1986, 1987.) 
  • Active in alumni ensemble Rhythm In Blue; conductor of Legacy Arc, percussionist in many ensembles.
  • Numerous volunteer duties (webmaster, show MC, bingo caller, food truck worker, airport shuttle.)
March 2018 - present
Age: 56
HOMETOWN: Wilmot, Ohio
CURRENT HOME: (Cleveland) North Royalton, Ohio
DEGREE: MBA, Entrepreneurship
MASCOT: squirrel
drummer for middle eastern musicIANS and dancers
percussion (doumbek, riq, frame drum)
  • Drum for bellydancers regionally, sometimes collaborating with other musicians.
  • Perform infrequently at Sahara Hookah Lounge (Cincinnati) and other such places around the region